Referral Incentive Program

For every new consignor you refer, you can earn $10 in Posh Piggies shopping credit! Here’s how it works:

1. Refer a new consignor to Posh Piggies (not already registered as a consignor in our system).

2. When they register as a new consignor, they will need to select “friend” as the referral source and then put YOUR NAME in the “other” field.

3. Once the new consignor has entered a minimum of 25 items (or $50 minimum selling amount) into the tagging system and completes drop-off, we will print out a $10 shopping credit with your name on it and have it waiting at the register.

4. There is a limit of (5) $10 referral shopping credits per person/per sale (total = $50).