Items to Consign

Posh Piggies strives to provide our customers quality items, so please submit your best! Shoppers are looking for excellent quality items at bargain prices. Please price your items to sell.

Our sale is a Seasonal Sale.  In order to provide the best merchandise possible, make sure any item you are consigning is listed below.

What to Consign:

  • Boys and girls clothing: sizes Newborn through 16
  • Girls junior clothing: sizes 0-11
  • Ladies clothing: All sizes. Items must be in style, preferably within the last 3 years, and appropriate for season of sale. Out of date items DO NOT SELL.
  • Please limit your total number of  hanging clothing items to 150.  Clothing must be clean with all buttons, working zippers, etc. No stains!!
  • Ladies Accessories: jewelry, scarves, purses, handbags, etc.
  • Diaper bags: Must be in like-new condition, and clean!
  • School uniforms, including khaki shorts: can be consigned in both Spring and Fall sales
  • Children, Teen, and Ladies Shoes: Limit of 15 pairs. Must be in LIKE NEW condition and appropriate for season of sale. Shoes should be secured in a ziploc bag or zip-tied together to prevent separation. Please write your consignor # on the ziploc bag.
  • Windbreaker jackets: can be consigned in both the Spring and Fall sales
  • Children’s bedding and sleeping bags: (No Infant Bedding accepted- it does not sell)
  • Baby equipment: Must be Clean!! Strollers, swings, pack ‘n plays, bouncy seats, infant carriers (e.g., Baby Bjorn), high chairs, stroller systems, etc.
  • Car seats, car booster seats, infant seats:  Car seats must be submitted in the good faith that they have not been involved in an accident, with or without a child in the car.  They must also not be expired- and they need to be clean & freshly washed.  (No cracker crumbs!)
  • Bottles and sippy cups:  Must be new and in the package
  • Diaper Bags:  Must be Like New and Clean!!
  • Furniture:  rockers, gliders, bunk beds, daybeds, bedside tables, dressers, bed frames, etc.
  • Books:  sets must be together in a ziploc bag
  • Video games: especially DS games
  • Movies: VHS, DVD, & Blu-Ray
  • Toys: both small and large (play houses, bicycles, ride-on toys, tents, slides).  All toys with pieces need to have all pieces together and secure. Missing pieces can cause a lost sale for you and lots of searching for us!
  • Puzzles & Games:  must have all of their pieces and boxes should be in good condition.
  • Sports Gear: cleats, baseball pants, soccer shorts, shin guards, rackets, goggles, gloves, helmets, etc.

Important Reminders:

  • All baby furniture, equipment and toys should be clean, have all parts, and any small pieces should be in a Ziploc bag, securely attached to the main part with tape.
  • Equipment needs to be completely assembled at the time of drop-off.  We cannot assume responsibility for items that are lost, stolen, damaged, or improperly tagged.
  • Toys or Equipment requiring batteries must include the batteries.  (We will charge your account for batteries if we have to purchase them and will take the cost from your profits).
  • Please write your consignor number on all Ziploc bags. This helps us solve the mystery when items are separated from their bags.
  • We require that all consignors provide a minimum of 25 items or a combined value of $50 worth of items.
  • We will accept a maximum of 200 items.
  • Please check to see if any of your items are part of any recall. This includes baby equipment and toys. The website for children’s toy recalls is  Little Piggies is not responsible for any items that have been recalled, but as a courtesy to our buyers, please check.

Fall/Winter Sale Only:

  • Halloween Costumes
  • Heavy coats/ jackets
  • Ski suits, pants, kids goggles, gloves, etc.
  • Snow boots, winter shoes
  • Sleds

Spring/Summer Sale Only:

  • Swimsuits: clean & non-picked
  • Swim cover ups
  • Sandals, water shoes, etc.

What not to consign:

  • Teen boy items: (size 18+ or waist 28+) – they have proven to not sell well.
  • T-Shirts: Destination shirts, shirts that are out-dated, worn out (e.g., t-shirts with peeling graphics, holes), stained, damp, musty or dirty.
  • Adult work-out clothing, bathing suit or undergarments
  • Drop side cribs: even if they have updated hardware-sorry.
  • Broken Items
  • Diaper genies/bins
  • Crib bedding, toddler bedding, adult bedding, etc (it doesn’t sell)
  • Stuffed animals. They collect dust mites- achoo!!
  • Hospital diaper bags
  • Underwear
  • Parenting books (e.g., What to Expect When Expecting, etc.).  They do not sell.
  • Adult items with the exception of clothing, shoes, handbags- no books, videos, furniture, etc.
  • Cassette tapes
  • Knickknacks- including figurines, sculptures, etc.
  • Recalled items- including BUMBO SEATS


NOTE: We make every effort to thoroughly check items upon arrival for stains, missing pieces and defects.   However, we reserve the right to pull items at any time during the sale that are stained, broken, or are missing pieces.   If an item is pulled, it will be returned to the consignor with a note regarding the reason it was pulled.