• Our tags are printed using a bar code tagging system. Handwritten tags cannot be accepted. Tags need to be printed on white heavy weight (60 lb or higher) card-stock paper. (No fuzzy or textured paper because the bar codes will bleed.)   You may log in to create your tags  HERE.
  • Make sure you have a full ink cartridge before you print your tags! The scanner cannot read tags unless they are crisply printed.
  • The “Power Tagger” button allows you to generate multiple tags for the same type of items while entering the info only one time (e.g., you are selling (3) Gap leggings, size 2T for $2.00 – you can “power tag” 3 tags)
  • Once you have entered all the tag info, please make sure to click on “add items”.  Your item will appear at the bottom of the screen.
  • We will lock the system on (Spring 2015 date TBD). You will still be able to print tags, but you will not be able to enter items or change prices.


  • If you wish to donate your items, you must check “donate” when entering tags in the system.
  • Our tagging program does not support older Macintosh computers
  • Please do not place tape over the bar codes- this makes them unreadable
  • Use a printer with normal toner (no dot matrix printers)
  • Use NORMAL or DRAFT print setting – Best quality is too dark and causes the bar codes to bleed
  • Test one page of tags and make sure the bar codes are crisp and clear and not bleeding
  • If you have a color printer, be sure to select “Black Cartridge Only” from the printing properties screen. Otherwise, the tags can appear purple and blurry


Labeling Guidelines:

  • Enter a size number on all clothing tags. If the clothing label says “small”, “medium”, etc., please choose a size number that best fits the item.
  • For Junior clothing, please make sure you enter “Junior” in the “category” section, then enter the appropriate size.
  • For Boys pants, please choose the appropriate waist size (e.g., 32) but please indicate in the “Description” the pant length if you are aware of it.

A Few Tip On Pricing Items:

  • You the consignor set the price of all items. Please price items in increments of 50 cents only (50 cents, $1.00, $1.50, etc.).  A good rule of thumb is 1/3 to 1/4 of the price you paid.
  • We’ve already mentioned it several times, but lower-priced items are the ones that sell!   1/3  to 1/4 of the retail price is what people want to pay. Gap, Gymboree, Old Navy and Target are everyone’s favorite places to shop and we all know the prices of those items. $10 Gap t-shirts sell at Little Piggies for $3. $15 Target jeans sell for $5 or less.
  • Friday is 25% off day, and Saturday is 50% off day. You may choose for your items to be sold for 25% off on Friday and 50% off at the Saturday half-price sale. You may choose for ALL, SOME, or NONE of your items to go half price. However, if you choose for your items to be donated, all remaining items will automatically go half price. Items that are selected to go half price will be 25% off as well.
  • Our big dollar making consignors ($250 and up) sell their items for an average of $3-10 and sell almost ALL of their items. Half -price day is a big volume day as well. Consider whether you want your items back and if not, let them go half price. 


Here are some suggestions based on our experience:

  • First, clean, organize, hang/bag  your items. (Refer to the guidelines below)

  • For clothing you provide the following information: category, price, half price y/n, donate y/n, size, description, gender

  • For non-clothing items, be sure to choose the category in which the item best fits

  • Either write a list of your items and then enter it all into the computer, or have your items next to you as you enter them. Find what works best for you.

  • When you are ready, enter all info into the computer, and when you are done, print the tags.  The computer saves your entered tag information, so you can log-out and in as needed.  Some consignors enter all items at once, some consignors enter them over the course of a few days- either way works great! 

  • Tag items. (It takes approximately 30-45 minutes to write down info and create tags for 50 items.)

Donation Information:

  • When you are entering your items to print your tags,  you will be asked whether or not you will be donating your items. We offer this service for those consignors who do not want to pick up unsold items, choosing instead to donate them to charity. We donate all unclaimed and donated items to one of the many ministries of First Baptist Church- including The Mustard Tree, Family Promise, Battle Academy Partnership, Newton Child Development Center Partnership, & The Christian Women’s Job Corps.  Due to the large number of consignors we have,  if you choose donation all items must be donated- we cannot separate items out.
  • Also, if you choose donation, your items will automatically be half-price at the Saturday half-price sale. This gives you one last chance to make money on your items.

Guidelines For Hanging and Tagging Clothing

  • Please hang clothing- size newborn through 6- on children’s hangers, and clothing- size 7 and up- on large children or adult hangers. As you face the front of the item, the hanger hook should point left.
  • Pants/jeans need to be securely hung (not folded) on a hanger with clips made by the hanger, or safety pins pinned onto the hanger so that they do not slide to one side.
  •  Two-piece outfits should have the bottoms, hat, scarf, etc. attached to the item already on the hanger.  Remember, safety pins only!! And please make sure they’re big enough to stay closed on your item.
  • Tags need to be fastened with a safety pin to the top right of the item with the hanger facing left- as shown in the diagram below.  (Straight pins will not be accepted, no exceptions!)  The printed tag indicates where to place the safety pin.  We will be cutting the tag off the clothing and need to be able to cut all the information off.  If the pin is in the wrong spot, your number may be cut off and we will not know who to pay!


Guidelines For Tagging Non-hanging clothing items:

  • Clothing items that cannot be hung (socks, underclothes, items with small pieces, etc.) should be put in Ziploc bags with the printed tag taped to the outside with clear packing tape or strong scotch tape. Tape it securely on two sides but remember that we need to be able to take it off in one piece!
  • Shoes need to be either in a Ziploc bag OR zip tied together. Zip ties can be found at most stores, including Target, Wal-Mart, Kmart, Home Depot and Lowes. They come in various packages and sizes.  Tags must be securely fastened to shoes via safety pin or tape.
  • For items that are not on hangers, tape tags securely. For items in a ziploc bag, please write your consignor# on the bag in case the item becomes separated from the tag.

Guidelines For Tagging Non-Clothing Items:

  • Group small items together in a Ziploc bag with the printed tag pinned or securely taped on the outside. Please write your consignor number on the outside of the ziploc bag.  Toys do not need to be in bags unless they are to be sold as a unit and are not in a container. Toys with small pieces or pieces that can fall off/out during the sale should be placed in a Ziploc bag. We will NOT accept toys that have pieces that are not secured. This causes a lost sale for you and unnecessary searches for us.
  • Battery-operated items must have working batteries.
  • Tape tags securely to all items.  Use zip-ties when necessary.  For items in a ziploc bag, please write your consignor# on the bag in case the item becomes separated from the tag.