Selling Tips

Price to Sell – 1/4 to 1/3 of the original price is a good rule of thumb. Remember, it is RESALE. Most people are looking for quality items at a fraction of the cost.

Check, check and check again... for stains. Stains are everywhere. Cuffs, rears, bottoms of hems, under collars, knees, etc.   And while it is resale, no one wants to buy an item with a stain on it. Check your clothes in your kitchen or other bright light. And don’t worry, we find them on our own clothes as well.

Press your clothes – Items look newer and sell better. Remember how you bought it and try to make it look as such.

Hang outfits – hangers made for hanging outfits can be tricky to come by (ask for them when you buy an outfit). Rubber band hangers together with bottoms in the back. It really helps to sell the outfit if you can get an idea of what it looks like on.

Check your playroom, toy room and kid’s closets…toys, DVDs, books and games are huge sellers.

Check, check, check for broken should not be broken. Missing a piece of the farm is okay, the Transformer with a broken tail pipe is not.

Make items attractive to buyers – if your child loved an item (rare toys especially) write a brief note on the tag such as,  “My daughter sat still and played with Elefun for hours when she was 3”.  This may help it sell.

When you shop, ask to keep your hangers, most places will give them to you.

Items that everyone bought when having a baby (e.g., baby bathtubs, receiving blankets, jump ups, etc.) will not sell unless priced really, really low.

Remember, while the outfit that has been passed around between 6 cousins is really cute to you (for sentimental reasons), it was made in 1995 and is 18 YEARS OLD.  It will not sell! Newer, in style clothing is a better choice to consign.