Item check in/drop off

You can log into your consignor account by clicking HERE!

You must select a drop-off day and time by logging into your consignor account. Please remember the day and time you selected as we are not able to send individual reminders before drop-off begins. If you need to change your drop-off date or time you may do so by logging into the system.

Please bring all of your items when you come for drop off. A second drop off will be allowed for large, bulkier items ONLY as arranged with Posh Piggies.

Remember, it is the quality of your items that help guarantee a sale, not the quantity. Our buyers are looking for items in excellent condition, so we will be thoroughly inspecting items.  We cannot accept items that are stained, ripped, worn out/torn in the knees, or faded.  Items should smell fresh and clean. Please do not smoke while tagging items as they retain the smell and will be rejected.

Be Ready For Drop Off:

  • Tag your items before you come. Our time & space is too limited for you to do your tagging in our space.
  • Sort hanging items according to gender and size- (ie: clothing: boy and girl and then by size, toys separated from bedding, etc). We cannot accept unsorted items.  PLEASE BE READY WHEN YOU COME.
  • Have all other items tagged, sorted and ready to be placed in the sale.

Please allow enough time for items to be inspected thoroughly. We know your time is valuable and drop off should take no more than 15 minutes if you follow our procedures.

You may be asked to help place your items on the sales floor during your drop off appointment. All items will still be inspected prior to placement on the floor.

To make private shopping fair for everyone, please do not ask to browse at drop off.