How do I get started?

  • Step one:  Take a good hard look at your closets, playroom and garage.  Toys, books, games, clothing, shoes, furniture, rugs, lamps, room decor, bikes, scooters,  nursery furniture- and so much more- are all items that you can sell on consignment in our sale. Don’t forget to check your closet and your teen’s closet as well since our sale includes children, teen, and ladies clothing.

We require a minimum selling amount of $50 or a minimum of 25 items in order to consign with us.  The dollar amount can be multiple items or one large item. We want your consignment experience to be as profitable for you as possible. You earn 70% of your selling price, minus a $15 consignor fee.

  • Step two: Register  for your consignor number.  IF YOU HAVE NEVER USED OUR ONLINE TAGGING SYSTEM, YOU MUST GET A NEW CONSIGNOR NUMBER VIA OUR WEBSITE. If you have consigned with us before and used the new tagging system, you will already have a consignor number.  Just log in with your user name and ID from the last sale. Please click on the link below to be directed to our online registration site.


  • Step Three:  Drop off your items during the drop off day/time you selected when you registered for the sale. Drop off dates are firm and no exceptions will be made.

You are now a consignor with Posh Piggies!

Please refer to Items to consign, Item Drop Off and Tagging for further important information.

contact us with questions at

We return emails as quickly as possible.