How much do consignors earn?
Consignors earn 70% of the selling price of items. (Minus the $15 consignment fee.)
How does the tagging system work?
Posh Piggies’ online registration and bar coded tagging system is quick and efficient- and very convenient! Convenience for the consignor means you can register for your number online, sign up for your check in/drop off appointment, view the status of your items during the sale (sold, not sold, selling price, etc.), transfer tags from one season to the next, print all of your tags at once, and best of all, have quicker turn around for your payment! Shoppers will have quicker checkouts as the bar codes allow quick scans instead of hand entered transactions.
Do I price my items or does Posh Piggies?
You as the consignor price your own items. You know what you paid for them and know what you would like to sell them for.
At what cost should I price my items?
1/2 to 1/3 of the original cost is a good rule of thumb.  However, the lower you price your items, the more likely they are to sell. Remember, it is RESALE. Most people are looking for quality items at a fraction of the cost.  (This is only our recommendation- we cannot be held responsible if items are not sold due to pricing.)
Do you accept maternity clothing?
 Yes we do! Along with children’s, teen, and ladies clothing- we do accept maternity as well.
Can I consign my big items?
Yes, you can! We have  helped consignors sell ENTIRE play-sets before. All we ask is that you bring in a photo attached to the info (size, brand,etc ) and we will post it and sell it for you. The buyer will come and pick it up.  Large items that will fit through a door frame- such as an unassembled bed, chairs, smaller play equipment, etc. can be brought in and displayed.
I have a toy, some blankets and bedding that is too large for a Ziploc bag. What do I do?
Please place these items in a Ziploc Big Bag. Toys that have lost pieces due to poor packaging and blankets/bedding that are not packaged properly and have gotten dirty by falling on the floor will not sell. Securely package and label all items!!!
What do I need at drop off?
Bring all of your items to be sold, and be organized!!  Make sure that your clothing is secured on hangers & tagged properly, and separated by gender & size BEFORE you arrive at drop off. If clothing is not organized in this fashion, you will have to wait until a rack is available to organize your clothing. For all other items, just make sure they are clean, in Ziploc bags if needed, and tagged securely.     
Why can’t I bring my children to the volunteer and private pre-sales?
Due to the high volume of volunteers, consignors and their guests, it is not an appropriate environment for children. For sizing purposes, we recommend you bring a sample of their clothing or measurements. Also, please do not bring younger children to wait outside or in the parking lot. We cannot guarantee their safety.
What if I missed the scheduled pick up date?
Please try not to miss it if you really want your items back.  If you are unable to make the pick up time, please find a friend/family member to pick up your items. We are not able to make reminder calls! If you miss the scheduled pick up, your items will be donated to one of the First Baptist Church ministries.
Being a consignor sounds like a lot of work. Is it worth it?
Definitely!! It may sound like a lot of work but it really isn’t. Once you start sorting and tagging, it goes very quickly. Not only can Posh Piggies provide you with great financial rewards but it can help you clean out all those cluttered closets!!!!
Do you offer a tagging service?
Posh Piggies does not offer a tagging service, but we highly recommend our friends at Tag! You’re ItFor a fee, they will pick up your items, tag them, drop off at the sale, and even store between sales. Contact Paise (423) 488-5275 or Melissa (423) 802-1684 for more info or to get started! (Please note that Tag! You’re It! is not affiliated with Posh Piggies and all question should be directed to Paise or Melissa. 
Tag! You’re It!