People are talking…about Little Piggies!

We get so many compliments during our sales it is hard to keep up! Here are a few of the wonderful things people have said about and to us personally, via Facebook and email:

“Thanks again for the hard work!” -Liz B.

“Thanks so much for all you do!” -Trish W.

“Your sale is my favorite sale to shop at, I find the best things here!” -Amanda B.

“Y’all are so organized, which makes drop off so easy!”

“Thanks for being so particular, it is nice to not have to worry when I shop”. Karen S.

“Thanks for keeping me informed. I very much enjoy shopping at Little Piggies.” Linda

“You have the best stuff in town! I love you guys!”

Y’all do a great job. I look forward to seeing you in the spring!- Jamie H.

Thanks so much for all your hard work! -Renee S.

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